What Happens When a Debt is Sent to Collections?

Being sent to collections means the original creditor has given up on trying to collect the debt that a consumer owes. This normally happens after 180 days of no payment. The lender sells the account to a collection agency in order to recoup some of their lost money.

Debt Collection Process

Account Remains Unpaid After - 180 Days

Lender Sells Account To a Collection Agency

Account Is Reported To The Credit Bureaus

Agency Begins Contacting Account Owner For Payment

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How to Remove Collection Accounts from Your
Credit Report

Option 1:
File a Dispute with the Credit Bureau

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Option 2:
Write a Pay for Delete Letter

Kin Credit Repair has a proven pay for delete letter. This is being used to negotiate the removal of the negative item by paying a certain amount.

Option 3:
Request A Goodwill Deletion

If you have a positive history with the creditor, we can send them a letter to request the removal of the negative items out of goodwill.

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