About Us

About Us

Kin Credit Repair or KCR specializes in helping clients accomplish their goals - a dream car, a new improved cozy home, a new credit card and a lot more. Most are deprived of this right only because their credit score is not good enough. Even if approved, some face very high-interest rates. KCR believes that our past doesn't define what we can get in life, rather it's what we do to get them. If you feel trapped because of your credit score, contact us by filling out our online form. We are here to help. We offer the best credit repair services you can find.

Why People Choose Us


Aside from basic credit bureau disputes, everyone else does. We also offer debt validation, debt settlement, and help to establish new credit. We offer fast credit repair services to help you get back on track with your loans.


Kin Credit Repair offers one of the most reasonable prices in the market. We will help you fix your credit without hurting your pockets. Our credit repair services cost will not break your bank.


We pride ourselves with top of the line customer service. If you need anything, you can reach us by phone or by email. You can check our credit repair services reviews and you'll find out how we take care of our customers.


We make sure that your happy with our services before coming on board with the full program. Kin Credit Repair offers you a free credit evaluation with no strings attached.

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