Charge Offs

A charge off can find its way onto the Credit Reports of even the most credit worthy individuals.

Creditors see a charge off as a glaring indication that you have not been responsible with your finances in the past and cannot be counted on to fulfill your financial obligations in the future.

Don’t let dishonest charge off accounts showing on your credit report keep you from achieving the life that you deserve.

There are 2 ways to remove questionable Charge Off accounts recorded on your credit report. First, you can work directly with your creditor and negotiate the removal or amendment of the negative item. Second, if the Charge Off account is being inaccurately or wrongly stated on your credit reports, you can have it reported directly to the credit bureaus. Our team has developed a specific approach for this type of negative item and assisted multiple clients with similar cases.

Charge Off accounts can drastically affect your credit score. Let Kin Credit Repair help.

We helped a lot of clients remove inaccurate, untimely, misleading or unverifiable (questionable) Charge Off accounts from their credit reports. Some realized that they have an inaccurate charged-off delinquent bill late or only when they are rejected for an application due to bad credit. Kin Credit Repair is an expert in helping you remove these inaccurate items on your report.

Do you have an inaccurate charge off on your credit report?

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